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One Bad Apple
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One Bad Apple
    This site is dedicated to those in the Crew Housing, Crew Placement, Yachting and Maritime Industries who have an interest in information regarding the reliability and viability of potential tenants and crewmembers.

   Our intention is to provide a means to easily and efficiently communicate facts world-wide in a timely fashion, displaying information with regard to crew and their credit worthiness and who have been problematic and less than honest in their dealings.

    This site does not contain subjective material. It is intended to provide objective facts with regard to a tenant or a crewmember's non-payment of rent, non-payment of debts, drug abuse, vandalism, theft, or other illicit or illegal activities.

    This site can only be viewed and up-dated by registered members in a position of responsibility within the Crew Housing, Crew Placement, Yachting and Maritime Industries. Additionally, we do not control a member's comments, and we do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of postings from this site's registered members.

    It is our desire to increase discussion and comment between Crew House Owners, their Managers, and those in the Yachting and Maritime Industries, therefore avoiding the 'Bad Apples' who can bring strife and discontent to an otherwise harmonious environment.

   Check back often This site is constantly updated!

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